My fears for this one-dimensional technology( generation)

My fears for this one-dimensional technology

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With the death of the iconic Reggae musician, Majek Fashek, last week, the populace of the community of Nigerian musicians became in addition depleted. Fashek become one of the folks who popularised reggae tune in Nigeria.

 Earlier than 1987, reggae song become not domiciled in Nigeria as a style that attracted Nigerian musicians. No matter the discharge of the album, Lamentation for Sodom, in 1984 through Tera Kota, there was a sense that simplest Jamaicans ought to make a achievement of reggae as musicians. I used to be a teen in secondary faculty in 1987 whilst The Mandators (Victor Essiet and Peggy Umana) launched their album titled disaster. It became a massive achievement. We celebrated it with a sigh of alleviation that sooner or later, a Nigerian musician had launched a reggae album that changed into popular. Thousands of spectators crammed stadiums to watch The Mandators carry out across the state. Fashek, who become a member of the organization, Jastix, toured with The Mandators as a guitarist.

 The following 12 months, Fashek released his personal album, Prisoner of moral sense. It came with a huge bang. His hit music, “send Down the Rain,” despite the fact that now not a natural reggae song, became a country wide anthem of types. There was additionally a delusion that wherever he executed and sang the music, rain fell in torrents. He turned into subsequently nicknamed The Rainmaker.

 Rapidly after, Ras Kimono, Evi-Edna Ogholi, Orits Wiliki, Alex Zitto, Andy Shurman, Blackky, Daniel Wilson and other reggae musicians came to the scene as famous musicians. Every year, they launched distinct albums that swelled the music enterprise. Reggae song was completely Nigerianised and indigenised. Younger ladies and men aspired to be reggae musicians.

Whilst this became on, all different genres of song – local and foreign – had been famous in Nigeria and booming. Radio stations had precise periods committed to highlife, calypso, blues, us of a, juju, jazz, rock and roll, reggae, dancehall, afrobeat, classical song, and so forth. All sun shades of tastes have been represented in song. However clearly, hip-hop song ruled the airwaves.

 When one compares that technology with what is occurring today, one gets the sensation that this generation is residing a one-dimensional life. As an instance, allow us to ask the query: What sort of track is available to this technology? The answer is: simplest Nigerian hip-hop tune. Note the inclusion of the phrase “Nigerian.” The cause is due to the fact overseas hip-hop song is even non-existent in Nigeria nowadays. In case you ask a Nigerian adolescents whatever outdoor Davido, Phyno, Burna Boy, and their contemporaries, the man or woman may draw clean.

 In evaluation, what did we've got in our teens and younger maturity? Early in my life, i used to be uncovered to unique genres of song: reggae, R&B, country, gospel, hymn, highlife, juju, soul, calypso, soukous/rumba, rock and roll, jazz, hip-hop, rap, dancehall, classical, and so on.

 That Michael Jackson become reigning in pop, for example, did no longer forestall Bob Marley from reigning globally too in reggae. That did not stop Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and others from reigning with their u . S . A . Tune. It did now not stop Dr Sir Warrior and his Oriental global Band or Victor Uwaifo from reigning with their highlife, neither did it stop Ebenezer Obey or Sunny Ade from reigning with juju music. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti became reigning with his afrobeat. Shina Peters, Onyeka Onwenu, Christie Essien-Igbokwe, Sonny Okosuns, brilliant Chimezie, Nelly Uchendu, Felix Lebarty, Kris Okotie, Veno Marioghae, and others had been reigning with their specific genres of song.

 All genres of song – neighborhood and overseas – had been to be had and in excessive call for. Every occasion demanded what kind of tune could be performed at each particular time. Artistes of various genres of music had been in hot demand at ceremonies.

 However today, reggae music is definitely useless regionally and globally. U . S . A . Song is truely useless globally. Highlife is sincerely dead except on a low scale in the South-East/Edo/Delta regions. Juju tune is really lifeless besides in a low scale inside the South-West. In fact, in Nigeria it seems as though all different varieties of music have come to be commercially unviable except hip-hop track.

 Therefore, not like whilst we played or listened to all forms of track, this generation is focused most effective on Nigerian hip-hop track. And the message from hip-hop tune centres on the identical troubles: “rapid money, attractive girls, partying, drinks and capsules.” there is, consequently, no philosophical message from us of a track or message of justice from reggae or wise recommend from highlife or juju to strike a balance in the thoughts of today’s teens.

 It is commendable and soul-lifting that the Nigerian hip-hop song has risen so high within the final 15 years to displace foreign hip-hop track that used to dominate the u . S .’s airwaves. It's miles the dream of each nation to reap such big fulfillment. But there may be a need for a better life for the young ones.

 Allow us to have a look at the issue of soccer. Whilst we had been growing up inside the overdue 1970s and early 80s, the Nigerian football league become very sturdy. Nigerians had been obsessed on their golf equipment while additionally paying attention to football topics from Europe and South the usa. Stadiums had been packed complete every weekend while millions listened on radio or watched on tv. That situation nevertheless plays out throughout all eu and South American countries. But in Nigeria, the local league exists only on paper. Stadiums are empty while Nigerian club aspects play. Nigerians are so loopy about the English ultimate League and some european golf equipment that some have killed other people whilst assisting their clubs.

 Allow us to take a look at the difficulty of novels. While we had been growing up, there was a massive market for novels. We offered and read neighborhood novels and foreign novels voraciously. Teenagers competed amongst themselves on who might finish analyzing a unique first and the wide variety of novels one should examine in a week and a month. The dream of each inquisitive boy or lady became to study all of the over one hundred novels within the Pacesetters collection by means of Macmillan, which began in 1977 with the radical, Director! With the aid of Agbo Areo. From pass fire to The delinquent to undesirable element to Evbu My Love, Pacesetters had something for each boy or girl. There was additionally the African Writers collection by means of Heinemann, whose founding editor changed into Chinua Achebe. All vital African literary writers were represented there: from Achebe to Ngugi wa Thiong’o to Wole Soyinka to Ayi Kwei Armah. There were additionally plays and poems within the collection. There have been different nearby series or books and magazines to be had to be examine. Every time young humans accumulated, the storylines of those novels were exchanged.

 But that we had local books did not stop us from analyzing foreign ones. There were James Hadley Chase, Nick Carter, Agatha Christie, Barbara Cartland and others. Every of the writers had dozens or hundreds of books.

 You did no longer want to have the wherewithal to buy books to study them. Dad and mom have been inclined to shop for them. Books had been also available within the non-public libraries of elder siblings and cousins or uncles. Just study and return. You could also exchange your novel with your friends and get as many books as possible.

What about college sports? That you had been aiming to get distinctions in all topics did no longer stop you from taking part fully in faculty sports activities. It changed into compulsory to take part in faculty sports. Via that, high-quality athletes in music and field activities like sprints, lengthy leap, high bounce, boxing, weightlifting, and football have been produced, making Nigeria a winner of laurels inside the Seventies, 80s and 90s.

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 In virtually all segments of lifestyles, it is obvious that nowadays’s youths are not living a robust and nicely-rounded life. Most countries of Europe, North the united states and Asia have taken steps to make certain that the life of the adolescents isn't one-dimensional notwithstanding the invasion of technology. Novel-reading is not lifeless in maximum nations. Distinctive genres of tune nevertheless exist in sturdy forms. Exclusive video games are still famous and attended. School sports are still famous. Exercise is still famous.

 Nigeria must not be deceived. This one-directional, one-dimensional life our youths are dwelling will produce unbalanced adults. It isn't always late to consciously take steps to address these issues.
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