Leaving The House.

Written By Sivuyile Tshalana.
Leaving the house.
I'm very sceptical to even step outside.
The lockdown has kept me grounded. 
COVID19 has made me think twice about everything I do. 
A time for me to be a hero as I stay safe at home.
Taking care of my health.
Not even thinking about putting other people's lives at risk. 
Even my loved one too. 
I cannot risk my life as a person only has one life.  

Leaving the house.
I cannot leave without my mask and hand sanitizer. 
When I walk I make sure I practise social distancing.
I also sanitize my hands regularly. 
But one crucial thing is that I don’t leave the house unnecessary.
I usually go out to buy essentials goods. 
Even just to take out the garbage. 
At times just to clean the yard. 
As well as just to dry my clothes.

Leaving the house.
The comfort of your house. 
My place of rest. 
The only place that doesn't judge me. 
Accept me the way I am every day.
Very patient with me and my take on life.
There's no way anyone can ignore the news about the COVID19.
It has made us change the way we live our lives. 
It's the talk of the town and to leave the premises has now been questionable. 
It has to be a valid reason if you want to leave your premises. 
Otherwise, it's always good to get some fresh air. 
It's not a good idea to shut yourself down from the world. 
Always take it easy. 
Stay safe. 

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