It's Nothing But Love.

Written By Sivuyile Tshalana. 
Love comes in numerous ways. We end up doing certain things that we said we would never do for love. It's just truly phenomenal to see love birds winning in love. In this day and age love has become underrated due to lack of proper loving relationship in the world. However there's love out there, never question anything that allows you love. Looking at the lists below are something of things that you do for love. Other things you have done them in the previous relationships or have never done them. It's not an issue, remember it's different strokes for different people. Probably you will see some familiar things, if you do the bulk of these exceptional gestures then you're always working on your relationship to make sure that you keep the fire burning. Bear in mind some of it might work and some wouldn't work for you. It's all based on your preferences as someone's partner.
Being supportive, loyal, understanding, and respectful. 
Not being judgmental.
Listening to your partner. 
Buying your partner a bouquet. 
Cooking for your partner and even cooking together at times.
If you woke up first, make breakfast and bring it to bed.
Doing a picnic.
Kissing your partner. 
Making love not sex.
Saying I love you and mean it.
Calling each other with pets names.
Whispering on each other's ears.
Eating on the same plate.
Helping with each other with household work.
Reading each other's previous conversations online or texts. 
Calling your partner to hear his/her voice and to just check up on your partner. 
Buying your partner chocolates or favourite snacks. 
Buying your partner something that's on their wish list.
Going on a baecation. 
Having a favourite song that y'all love, sing and dance to it too. 
Having matching clothes. 
Even getting the same tattoos or each other's names tattooed. 
Moving in together. 
Getting married.
Starting a family.
Moving into a different place just to be with your partner. 
Or travelling miles every week just to be with your partner. 
Always taking pictures together. 
Using the same bank account. 
Knowing each other's passwords. 
Finishing each other's sentences. 
Writing each other love letters.
Playing games together. 
Writing each other sweet messages all day every day.
Wearing each other's clothes. 
Loving the same movies. 
Supporting the same team.
Talking about your partner. 
Smelling their perfume or their clothing when they're away. 
When you talk to your partner on the cellphone you get horny. 
Constantly thinking about your partner and then blushing. 
Bathing together.
Washing each other's backs. 
You talk to your partner all the times when they're away and even when y'all together. 
Saving your partner's picture as a wallpaper. 
Putting your partner as a profile picture on social media. 
Liking each other's pictures on social media and also commenting on each other’s posts.
Swopping cellphones. 
Motivating and supporting each other's endeavors.
Sending or asking for your partner’s nudes. 
Recording a sex tape for your pleasure.
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