See the only player Messi requested To switch Shirts With

The only player Messi requested To switch Shirts With
Messi has best requested for one participant's blouse throughout his career.
Messi modified his dependancy for Zidane's jersey. Messi has formerly swapped shirts with his compatriots. He says it's his timidity which stops him. Messi is digital camera-shy he'd instead be again inside the locker room but Messi positioned his shyness to at least one side on November 19, 2005. 

He felt a new sort of self assurance at the night time of this Classico. Ronaldinho stole the limelight at the Bernabéu. His performance brought the whole stadium to it's feet. After Barcelona's three-0 win, Messi made his move. As quickly as the final whistle turned into blown, he went to peer Zidane. 

Messi's admiration for Zidane remains unchanged. He even defended Zidane for retiring. The 5-time Ballon d'Or has now stopped counting his jerseys. He even revealed his collection on Instagram. There were some of legends placing on his wall. Iker Casillas, Francesco Totti, Phillip Lamn, Dani Alvés, Thierry Henry. 

It is clear Messi has flavor as appropriate as his football skills.

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