best eleven football players of all time

best eleven football players of all time

I also included Jerome Brown because he was so great, as well, before he was tragically killed in a car accident in 1992 at the age of 27. He was truly the heart of that Eagles defense. That early-'90s Eagles team, man. Special bunch.

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The Giants seem like a pretty easy team to rank here. Lawrence Taylor is in the conversation for best football player of all time. He changed the way defense is played. It's weird to think of him as one of Bill Belichick's players, but Belichick was the defensive coordinator for the Giants from 1985-1990, when the team won two Super Bowls with LT. And Frank Gifford never gets enough love for as good as he was, mostly because we all remember him as an announcer. Although I'm sure there is one person already in the mentions below talking about how he used to watch him play at old Yankee Stadium.

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The Brazilian played for Santos for 18 years, scoring an extraordinary 619 league goals and more than 1,000 in his career. His worldwide prominence, though, was achieved through his scintillating performances at World Cups, with Pele central to the Brazilian success in 1958,1962 and 1970.

Pele and Diego Maradona up front - incredible combined Argentina ...

He had spent the 2001-02 season on loan at Bologna, being named the Serie A Young Footballer of the Year award as a 21-year-old. Sure, he was good, but nobody can quite work out why he was so highly rated in the game.

#6 • Jan 18, 2018 I'll do one just for fun, with just one player picked from each country. I tried to make it as balanced as possible, and with players from every decade since the 1950s. Yashin Thuram - Nesta - Hierro - Masopust Cruyff - Beckenbauer - Maradona Puskas - Pele - C Ronaldo​ Save Share Reply

I always try to refrain from going too quarterback-heavy with these lists. It's like when somebody asks you what your favorite movie is and you reply, "Empire," because it is. But it also just seems too easy. So I'm really trying to be a little more even here. But I have to make Sammy Baugh the top pick here. He's another one of those dudes who has so many bold stats (to denote league leader) in his Pro Football Reference profile. He's a six-time passing leader. Two-time champion. It's kind of easy.

All-time Dream TeamBelow is your all-time team - based on the votes on each page. It's a great team - I can't argue with it. There are some big names to miss out though - Maradona, Cruyff and Di Stefano for example. Let me know what you think of it with the forum at the bottom of the page. We have also provided my Editor's Choice Dream Team for comaprison alongside it.Although its easy to pay more attention to current and recent players, that we see more of, try and ensure accuracy and balance by looking at all eras - there are video clips of great players past on each position page.

#2 • Jan 18, 2018 I can't moan about the choice of the players (bar maybe Yashin and Moore) but these are 11 players, not a real team. A well balanced team would defeat them. ► Show Full Signature Save Share Reply

CB: Alessandro Nesta Alessandro Nesta was named Serie A defender of the year four times in a row in the early 2000s and that earned him a 94 rating in FIFA 05, during his time at AC Milan. Two years later, he lifted the World Cup with Italy, but an injury early in the tournament ruled him out of the final.

The Soviet stopper, nicknamed the Black Spider, is rumoured to have made over 150 penalty saves and kept over 270 clean sheets in a career spanning twenty-two seasons. He starred at three World Cups, and won an Olympic Gold medal in 1956 followed by the European Championships in 1960 with the USSR.

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