These three animals can ‘attack' you in your bathroom; one is very deadly

These three animals can ‘attack' you in your bathroom; one is very deadly

Mar 1, 2020 6:42 PM

Many of us don't expect to see any living creature in our bathrooms or in the toilet bowls. The only creature many are used to are cockroaches and that's why they always apply insecticides to deal with crawling insects. 

However, there are three common animals that have turned the bathrooms to their homes and they can ‘attack' you if you suddenly appear to them.

They are snakes, rats and frogs. 

Findings have shown that there living creatures find their ways into the bathroom through the plumbing pipes, especially from the ones in the floors. 

There have been instances when people were attacked by snakes while sitting in their toilet bowls. Some reportedly died as a result.

That's why it becomes very important for individuals to double-check and confirm that the toilet is safe and free of any creature before sitting on it.

Rats and frogs may not really attack you, but the tension in feeling that something is jumping in the toilet while you're still seated can make you collapse. 

Therefore, when you enter your bathroom, check everywhere, the floor and the other hidden corners. Open the water toilet bowl, check very well. You may even flush first before you sit on it. 

Above all, always keep your environment clean to keep away snakes, rodents, insects and others. 

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