Stop Buying Mermory Cards, Here Is How To Create Space You Never Even Knew Existed On Your Phone

Stop Buying Mermory Cards, Here Is How To Create Space You Never Even Knew Existed On Your Phone!

Mar 5, 2020 8:10 PM

Most of the time if not all the time,memory cards are bought because the phones internal storage is full and a times could hinder the functioning of other applications at the same time.This could be rather disturbing and frustrating for some people literally because their phones have become the offices they see,but there is a remedy.Instead of rushing off to buy a memory card simply because your phone space has issues, here is how you can create space on your phone without having to buy a memory card. Here is what we do not know, every awesome application that has been installed in our phone be it system apps or apps downloaded,has data and cache which increases as often as we use the app and whatever you do on that app is stored in the cache.For instance, when you have a game on your phone, your level on that game does not change even if your phone is switched off.This is because your progress has been stored in your cache and that storage is part of what occupies the space on your phone. 

Disclaimer! I'm not an IT expert or anything experience has made me know better..Below I'll be taking you on a picture by picture explanation on how to clear your cache and data and have more space.

1)You go to the settings of your phone.

2)From there go to the storage of your phone

It should be something like this:

3)From there you click on "phone storage" which will take you here:

4)Then you click on "app" it will really shock you how much space the cache and data of some of the apps on your phone consume.For instance,here is videoder app and once you touch on the "clear data" the cache and data from this app is cleared then you will realize how much more space you've gained on your phone.

Now imagine doing this for all the apps on your phone,the result is amazing some of the time when you clear the data and cache some of the information is lost. Therefore some apps like "whatsapp"maybe exempted from this exercise.

I hope you have gained knowledge? Let me know what you think, comment, like share and educate a friend!

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