Infinix Zero 6 Price Crashed, Phone with 6GB, 128GB memory (See its price)

Infinix Zero 6 Price Crashed, Phone with 6GB, 128GB memory (See its price)

Mar 4, 2020 6:11 PM

In term of premium smartphone, Infinix did a great job on the Zero series which include the Infinix Zero 6 and the Zero 6 Pro.

Infinix Zero 6 has rear dual camera of 12MP 2PD that enhances capacity for more light absorption on multiple angle enabling fst focus and 24MP Low-Light sensor that produce incredible memory evoking images each time you take a glance.

Infinix introduces for the first time the AI scene recognition technology in Zero 6 also support HDR for clearer pictures in wider views. It can identify a variety of scene instantly, making it your consultant for photography.

Capture the exact form of an object for incredible images that are beyond the superficial.

20MP AI Selfie with Low-Light Camera. Al beautify transforms selfie into magnificent masterpieces, with advanced light control and facial features recognition. Let your best beauty show in your true smile.

Infinix Zero 6 comes I two colour which include the Sapphire Cyan and Aurora Design that gives a stunning aurora design for an inspiration outlook that will make you proud.

Zero 6 also comes in colour which include Milan Black-Ring of Lava Design. An amzing design with an inspiration ring of lava tht uniquely girdles around.

Super infinity display, Broaden your view

Zero 6 makes a breakthrough on infinity display development Equipped with a 6.2 inch Full HD.

The zero 6 offer a balanced performance with an upgraded RAM of 6GB and a storage memory of 64GB/128GB making processing both efficient and fast for an overall optimized phone performance.

The Price of the Infinix Zero 6 now sold for N105,000 only

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